Around my child not Unless you get a shot! #!?!?!!?

Around my child NOT Unless you get a SHOT !!?!?!?!

Posted: June 10, 2016
By: Dr Marilyn Shore

While having coffee with a good friend, she almost made me choke as she related this conversation with her son.  She had planned a visit to her son and his wife as they are having a baby at the end of this month.  Her son then informed her that if she sees the baby she would have to get a pertussis shot.  That nobody could visit the baby within the first 2 months unless they were vaccinated.  This, of course, was at the recommendation, more like command of their OB-GYN.  What are we doing to ourselves?  Why would we put all these extra foreign toxins in our bodies?  When did we completely lose our sense of self, our innate common sense and put our fate in the hands of destruction?  When will we start having faith again that every antibiotic, immune booster, anti-inflammatory is already inside of you naturally to keep you healthy? When will we truly honor this temple that houses our souls?

Unfortunately, she will not see the baby for 2 months.  Fortunately, she WILL NOT get the vaccination!