I feel full of life and vitality!!

For as long as I can remember I’ve dealt with severe allergies and hormonal imbalances. I also carried a lot of tension in my upper back and neck. I met Dr. Shore at the green market and got my spine checked. I learned I had subluxations in my neck and sacrum. That was over a month ago, and since getting adjusted my hormones have balanced and I feel lit from within. Directly after an adjustment, my sinus clear and the headache dissipate. I am confident that with time and repetition, my allergies will continue to improve. I have an overall feeling of greater vitality and ease. I never understood what chiropractic was until I met Dr. Marilyn. It is truly a powerful practice!  Thank You So much

Carol Parnell



       When I came to see Dr. Marilyn I was suffering of the very common reasons and symptoms we all run to a Chiropractor for: neck pain, stress, shoulders and lower back pain. The pain had started to impair my ability to drive for periods of time longer than half hour. I tried creams and hot showers, and while the pain would go away temporarily nothing had given me long-lasting results.  Little did I know that Chiropractic would help my body with so much more than my pains and aches. Now I sleep better since I’m pain free but I’m also more active and feeling great.

      The adjustments cleared my central nervous system, and now it can work more efficiently and bring my body back to balance. I learned that “the body needs no help it just needs no interference”. My spine is well-adjusted and my body is healing thanks to Dr. Marilyn’s adjustments.

Irene Cross


I have had bad neck pain since I was little and migraine headaches at least once a week for as long as I can remember. I would always get headaches at school and work. The only thing that would help get rid of them was at least 2 hours of sleep. My neck hurt constantly. I tried taking prescription medication for the headaches once and it never worked, sleep in a dark room was all I could do. Now that I have been getting chiropractic care I feel so much better. My neck never hurts and I haven’t gotten a headache since I started coming! I feel much more active and have so much energy!

Chelsea Waco 



Babies Need Chiropractic Too!!!

Hello! My name is baby Milo. I am thirteen months old.  Dr. Marilyn Shore is my chiropractor and I think she is the best! You may be wondering how I am writing this when I can’t even talk yet! I know words like mama, dada, and baba but haven’t quite figured out how to write letters! So, of course my mommy is the one who put together this testimonial about chiropractic! My mommy is totally awesome and very wise. She made sure that I began receiving chiropractic adjustments since I was two weeks old. She knew that if I get adjusted throughout my entire life, that my immune system will be at its 100% potential and that I will be able to heal faster and stay away from medications. Ear infections, colic, allergies, sinus trouble…..what are those things? Never had those a day in my life!  I don’t have to even think of that stuff because I am a chiropractic baby!  I am free of subluxation thanks to Dr. Marilyn! When my spine is aligned, my body is able to function at its best because the nerves that go from my spine to my organs are not restricted and can flow freely without any interference. I am a lucky little guy because my mommy knew about the benefits of an adjustment. Please make sure you get your children checked and adjusted.  It sets up their future for better health. Because of chiropractic, I am a healing machine and will continue to grow healthy and strong.